Breadth Of Offerings And Success In Bringing Guests Back Again And Again Inspires New Name For J Haines Hospitality

Industry Leader Jenni Haines’ Year-Old Company Wins National and International Consulting Gigs with Marriott International and Private Saudi Arabian Resort.

Park City, UT (June 1, 2017) – Today Jenni Haines announced a name change for her year-old company from J Haines Luxury to J Haines Hospitality. The new name reflects the company’s increased focus on hospitality consulting and training across all levels and categories of hospitality from the heights of super-luxury resorts through mid-market and mass-market service providers.

“In today’s hyper-competitive environment, effective ‘hospitality’ training and programming is an urgent need for companies in all categories and price points who seek extraordinary guest experiences, whether that guest will be dining with them for an hour or staying with them for a week. Superlative customer service is what brings consumers back again and again, and effective guest experience programming and training is the only way to achieve that,” said Haines.

Current projects include consulting with a lavish, private Saudi Arabian resort still in the construction phase, to a newly-awarded and much-coveted contract with Marriott International as an Approved Service Provider, to day-long training and team-building sessions at award-winning Deer Valley Resort and with customer-facing employees in tourist-rich areas around the country, including Park City’s Main Street corridor. The business has taken Jenni and her team across the country and around the globe.

Haines’ ultra-positive personality and down-to-earth, hands-on style imbue the company’s efforts. With over 30 years in the hospitality and service industry, Jenni Haines is a globally recognized hospitality expert. From front line to executive management in restaurants, luxury hotels, boutique hotels, ski resorts, award winning chalets and now with her own hospitality company, she has seen, written, directed and starred in this movie!  Prior to starting J Haines Hospitality, Haines was General Manager and Chief Happiness Officer at Deer Valley’s legendary Casa Nova.

Chief Happiness Officer was a title that stuck, and is her current title at the new company. “Though some people insist on referring to me as Training Guru,” said Haines. “I answer to both.”


For more information about Jenni Haines and J Haines Hospitality, visit the company web site at Jenni is available for lively and helpful print, radio and TV interviews, as well as small group and one-on-one consulting, plus keynote speeches discussing her “Top Tips for Bringing Your Customers and Guests Back Again and Again.”


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