“The experience is the key. Good or bad, it is the memory. It is the story. It is the feeling that surrounds the encounter and whispers, ‘Yes, let’s go back’ – or tragically, ‘Let’s not.’ How can you impact this memory/decision? How can YOU make it better?”

— J Haines


We offer a range of services for hospitality professionals that need assistance with virtually any aspect of property operations; turn-key opening preparation and set-up; hiring and staffing; training and team building; project management and more.  We work with professionals managing everything from mid-size extended-stay and limited service properties, to boutique hotels and full-service luxury resorts. We also offer services for owners and operators of full-service restaurants, spas, retail stores, shopping centers, and convention centers. 

Services include property and service audits and/or secret shopping with detailed assessments and recommendations for improvement, and implementation services. 


We create full-scale guest experiences from scratch for everything from guest welcome and departure processes and scripts; handling complaints; custom package/experience creation;  special events concepting through implementation.  We also audit and tweak existing processes and programming with an eye towards increasing customer satisfaction and bringing guests back again and again.


We understand what a WOW is and how to deliver it.  Give your event something extra …  that’s also strategic, smart and effective.

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