“Providing service is not a job. It is a global and universal feeling. A trust. An act of genuine interest that supersedes and transcends the service you are providing. This distinction is what creates the experience, ingrains the memory, forms the tradition and brings coveted guests back, again and again.”

— J Haines

Unique. Interactive. Personalized.


This interactive program demonstrates, through a series of fun and targeted activities and initiatives, the individual and collective importance of each employee and department, regardless of how large or small; Of prominence or Stealth; If they ever have contact with the guest or are surreptitiously behind the scenes. Your team will engage and understand how each piece of the puzzle fits into the big picture, and just how connected they are to completing the goal, which is to ensure an extraordinary experience for each and every guest. Every time.


All this fuss is made over the 7 or 3 or 30 seconds when a guest first comes in contact, in some way,  with their destination.  I argue, that it starts long before, and far away. This workshop identifies the players, the journey and the preparations that go into the coveted First Impression, what it actually takes to get there, it’s very real and long lasting significance and the role everyone plays in that pivotal moment.

So much attention is paid to the over used (yet undeniably important) phrase Above and Beyond, that it has lost its meaning, its integrity, its luster and it’s oomph.  I am here to debunk this cliché in a fun and active way that allows everyone to reinvigorate their desire to go the extra mile, without boring them to death with the same old rhetoric.


From setting the tone at an opening or developing a refresh of culture, brand, enthusiasm, knowledge, and team dynamics, I can customize a program to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

This customized and creative program allows you and your leadership team to learn or hone your basic to advanced training skills to take back to your own organizations and departments.

Examples of what you will learn, practice and perfect:

  • Qualities of a good trainer
  • Knowing your audience
  • Getting participant expectations in advance
  • Creating a safe environment
  • The importance of preparation
  • Creating the perfect agenda – and knowing when to throw it out.
  • “Rollwithitability”™
  • Ice Breakers, activities and initiatives
  • Developing and honing presentation Skills
  • PowerPoint Karaoke
  • Knowing what to ask…and when to shut up
  • Understanding the subtle and not so subtle nuances of “hecklers”
  • Critical training skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • And more!

This program gives you and your team an opportunity to better understand what goes in to creating, facilitating and debriefing the perfect training.

In addition to learning and practicing theses skills, I’ll show the behind the scenes of the creation facilitation and debrief of the training I’ve created for you.  You’ll get to see behind the curtain to have a better understanding of the reasons behind the agenda, the use of pretraining assessments, all of the preparation involved, the tools and supplies chosen and used (or not used) and why, what went according to plan and what was a “game day” change and more.


Hands of Gratitude is about realizing a greater potential for your team, building a better organization and a better world. Your team will be assembling 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands needed by tens of thousands of people around the world as well as right here in the United States. The program is a life-changing and eye opening event. The 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands will be donated at no cost to a recipient but the experience will be invaluable to your team! This program is designed to blend philanthropy and compassion with performance improvement. [Hands of Gratitude Photo Gallery.]


jh-julianne-111116“Jenni and her team really helped my staff learn how to diffuse minor conflicts in a positive way. Many training companies have boiler plate messaging for every employee & company, but J Haines Hospitality took the time with my staff to listen to their concerns and help them customize their actions. They gave them multiple resources to use with difficult co-workers and helped to modify them to their own level of comfort. When my employees left the training they all said they had real, usable tools that they could implement immediately and felt comfortable engaging in…. and they had fun doing it!”

– Julianne Rosen-Carone, Visitor Services Manager, Park City Chamber/Convention & Visitors Bureau

“Jenni and her team brought a fun, engaging, and practical training to our Deer Valley Management Team. Her local knowledge and enthusiasm made it a training beyond comparison. Jenni worked her magic to entice even the most ardent nonparticipants to become actively involved, engaged and enthusiastic learners!Thank you Jenni!”

– Cassidy Schindler, HR Development & Systems Manager, Deer Valley Resort

Post-Training Survey Comments from Participants:

I liked how the ice was broken immediately and mixed around with no chance of refreezing. I knew about 10 people to begin, but through each exercise I became more and more comfortable with everyone in the room.

I learned tools to become a better leader inside and outside of work.

It was a huge success because I came away with some new training tools and a reminder that I have presentation and team building skills that I had not thought to apply to this position!

I was excited to return to my job and start using some of those tools right away.

What I liked most about this training session is that we actually learned tools we could use to inspire, engage and train our own staff. It makes a big difference if your trainer is interesting and grabs your attention and I think we were shown ways to do this.

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